Hello and welcome to LongHaulCreations

If you have come this far, that means you are wondering about a custom figure to add to your collection, right? Well, 1st………….

What would you like?

-Full Figure Repaints (Any Line, Any Figure)

-Mod Work

- Partial Repaints (heads painted to match, robotic parts, missing details)
- Special Requests (New character, combiner, etc… Just ask.)

      I take pride in my work when fully preparing each figure for work, meaning cleansing of the entire figure, Rub-Prevention , which includes Sanding, Grinding, Cutting, Smoothing , whatever is possible to make each custom I create, tough for long lasting durability.

      When it comes to material, I only use hobby store top notch products (Tamyia, Testors, Modelmaster,ect.) to achieve that fine finished look. The love for my customs, come from a deep place that allows me to put my all into that custom and each project that is took on is pushed to top the last one. Push forward or fall back.

      Each custom comes with the LongHaulCreations and  a warranty; If any custom that is purchased occurs an unforeseen accident leaving the product damaged, ship the figure back and I will repair it for free, only ask that customer pays shipping fees.

      Customizing a Transformer figure can be a rather laborious and time-consuming work and so that 'labor' and 'time' need to be taken into consideration when pricing a custom figure. One figure can take many hours to make, starting from the required prep work and all the way through it's final coat of paint. Well over 15 hours of work can go into just one custom and that does not include the drying times in between paint applications and layers. Some custom figures can even take up to 20-30 hours of work from start to finish - It all really depends on the size of the figure and the complexity of it's paint applications and/or mod work (if needed).